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Flipped. Bat shit loco. Coined by Dave Lister In the UK Sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf episode "Bodyswap" after Rimmer makes off with Lister's body. Being a hologram, Rimmer had not been able to eat real food since dying and went overboard.

Food included cream cakes when "doing a runner" in Starbug and tried to bluff shooting himself to prevent Lister reclaiming his body.

Term used when somebody has gone nuts, and it can only be attributed to going as to be poisoned by cream cakes.
Rimmer: Leave me alone or you-know-what happens.
Cat: He's bluffing.
Rimmer: I'm not bluffing.
Lister: I think he means it, man. He's flipped. It must be cream cake poisoning!

In everyday use:-

Guy 1: Did you see Fred the other day? I think he's gone nuts!
Guy 2: Must have cream cake poisoning.
by LoneDragoon90 November 15, 2009
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