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The Crazy Mob Family gang or also known as "CMF" is a known gang in Modesto, CA. CMF is an Asian gang, claiming the color black. CMF is a flatt gang, representing "MOB". They are also affiliated with the Crip gangs such as, Modesto Hit Squad (MHS CRIP), Crips With Attitude (CWA) and others. CMF was created in a nieghborhood in the west side of Modesto. 620 Paradise Road, Suncrest Apts. CMF also uses these four numbers, 3136, 3 = C, 13 = M, 6 = F. etc..

I'll give out more information later. That's all I know for now. CRAZY MOB FAMILY! 3136! BLACK RAG! 620 PARADICE HOOD! FUCK ALL MY ENEMIEZ!
Crazy Mob Family 3136 620 Paradice Black Rag
by 3136GANGSTA August 01, 2009
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