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post exams, this event occurs when 5 great friends take the ordinary picnic going to a new level. Twista game gets involved, the beach is also present, under the influence of paralyzing amounts of alcohol, numerous horrendously degrading games are played to let off all the exam stress. The picnic culminates in the core five inviting as many randomers to join as possible, and trying to kiss a lifeguard / have a ride on the safety surfboard they use. Many do not survive the entire boozy picnic, apart from the core 5.
Kim: I say BOOZY, you say PICNIC... BOOZY
George: PICNIC
Crowd: PICNIC !!!

Alice + Claire: Sayyyy, what about a lil ride on that safety surfboard
Lifeguard: No, no, thats quite impossible
Elly: But its our Crazy Boozy Picnic!
Lifeguard: WOW, well if thats the case then HELL YEAHHH!
by vk-wtf-r-u-wkd-ing May 22, 2009
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