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When you loose complete muscle control, then fall to the ground with your limbs thrashing and twitching about uncontrollably.
Often associated with someone having a seizure, however can be caused by other sources such as getting shot with a Taser.
Dude!! Did you see that guy do the Crappie Flop when the cop shot him with that Taser?
by Shock Therapy April 25, 2005
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When one meth intake exceeded ones meth tolerance past the point of Spunducky and beyond the point of Twizzle-twacked...the crappie flop stage of meth use is an overdose ending in a violent seizure.
That junkie way over did it on that last one he's on the floor crappie flopping like a fish outta water...
by Ghost Goody 66 August 24, 2017
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