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This word is used when describing a fucking idiot who wastes all their time on useless problems thus ultimately creating new, much worse problems. It can also be used to desribe a power hungry jackass who thinks they know everything but they actually don't. Not based on a single person for the name is cdompletely fictional much like Jim Crowe. This word originated from the State College Area High School and is now used librally all along the east coast.
The principal At our school was so infatuated with himself and everything he did that he thought he could roam the hallways looking down the shirts of girls without any reprocutions because if they said anything to him they would have to go home and get a new shirt because if he felt the old shirt was too low and gave him too much of a boner he would call it "innappropriate". We called him a craig butler because the problems he fixed did nothing to help the school they just made him as a person feel better. Only to his surprise the school was completely riddled with drugs every where
by you have the dirty name DOCTA October 15, 2009
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