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A tall man who is extremely good looking. He tends to answer questions with the words "maybe" and "possibly". He is a big goof ball who knows how to be serious when it is necessary. He's the best guy a girl could ever ask for. He is intellegent and goal driven. He is cabable of anything. He is an absolutely amazing cuddler, dare i say the best? YES! He's the type of guy who you can't help but love. He's a beast wrestler, but he wouldn't hurt a fly in real life. He is strong. He knows how to romance a girl. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I pray to God that one day, I become his wife<3
"Hey who is that tall guy over there?"
"Oh him? He's my boyfriend."
"I wish he was mine, you're so lucky to have Craig Alan Dyer!"
by LadyMcLadyPants October 16, 2011
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