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The daughter of a white crack whore, living on the streets.

Cracker Bunny origins go back to the 1993 Movie FREEWAY featuring Reese Witherspoon in her best role ever, as the daughter of a crack whore Amanda Plumber, who goes on a Little Red Riding Hood type adventure, meeting The big bad wolf Keifer Sutherland.... She winds up in jail and the meaning of a Cracker bunny is made more clear...

AKA. KRKR BUNY, a musical Hick-Hop band from LA, with vocalist Eighty Bug (formerly of Jupiter Rising) and Jud Nester (She Looked Good On MYspace)
That Cracker Bunny's mom got thrown in jail again for hookin', and her step dad is a perve, wish someone would evict em, that family's give'n this trailer park a bad image.
by Marigold Watkins August 17, 2010
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