A tatoo, sometimes facile, while other times embellished and elaborate that is typically found on the lower back of females sorority girls, raver chicks, strawberries, fresas, girls gone wild, spring break enthusiasts, wanna-be's, mattress-backs, etc., above and around the butt crack and at times extending therein...

Sometimes used to cover or take notice off of significant stetch marks or cellulite...
Look at that (enter female descriptive word of choice) crack-tat; Fuck man! check out that bitch's hot ass crack-tat; Christ! that is the weakest excuse for a crack-tat I've ever seen; In chemistry class, Alice bent over to pick up her dropped book and I saw her fucking knarly ass crack-tat.
by Greg Lindsey, Monica L. October 28, 2004
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The tatoo that resides above a womans asscrack. Hence cracktat.
Did you see that cracktat on that chick?
by Alex January 22, 2005
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