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Crack dealers like all drug dealers offer you a free taste of their product to get you hooked on its effects. Now everyday products are being referred to as crack because of its popularity or consumer reception causing a buying frenzy. Recently I even heard the use of "crack sample" being used to refer to the offering of intimacy by a newly formed couple to entice the other person (or spouse) to accept requests or allowed to be manipulated by the offering of the "intimacy crack sample"; very similar to being "whipped"!
Example 1:
Joe BagOfDoughnuts: "Hey Johnny don't worry this is just a crack sample, just taste it. If you don't like it its free anyway"!

CrackHead Johnny: "OMG that crack sample was da' bomb, I need more"!

Example 2:
Johnny Wishbone: "holy cow that dude hangs on her every word"!

Fred: "she must of given him a crack sample and he's working for more"!

Example 3:
Seamore: "holy cow Shimmy Sham those Justin Bieber tickets are selling like crack"!

Shimmy Sham: "too bad they're not giving crack samples away"!
by The Shimmy Sham January 23, 2013
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