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When someone's hands are never steady, ever. Like that of a crackheads.
Sean:"Yo, i saw Aaron cutting a peice of paper today, took em like 58 minutes"
Miguel:"Yeah, motherfuckers got crack hands, he needa lay off the pipe."
Aaron:"What'd you say motherfucker?!"
Miguel:"Stfu its not like you can hold a gun straight enough to shoot me, cracky."
by Albusdumbledore November 22, 2011
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A person who hangs around a crack dealer or user and does odd jobs for them in exchange for crack.
Why is he always with that crack dealer working on his car ? Oh,

that's his crackhand.
by fluffmcgruff October 16, 2016
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When your hand has an acute, persisting scent of doodoo; usually occurring after a faulty wipe or thorough scratching.
The date was going great until she fed me a strawberry and I caught wind of her crackhand.
by Al Hole January 28, 2008
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