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That group of women (every guy has at least one) who wish they could get bridal for a guy, but percieved life circumstances prevent them from pursuing the goal, so they talk trash about said guy or try to stonewall him socially. A variation of the cock block squad.
Innocent Girl#1: "Wow, look at Big Marty's Pimp Aura! He's dreamy!"

Crabtree Committe Member#1: "What? Didn't you hear he's a faggot? What planet are you from you fat redhead bitch? Bow down to your new Cunt Nazi!!!"

Innocent Girl#1: "Um, yes... I like Paris Hilton. He's just another dumb asshole Nelly loving Nigger. Thank you Miss, may I have another.(groan)..."
by See you on the field August 22, 2005
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