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An advanced sexual technique (also known as the 'Cowgirl Spin') in which the female partner crouches over her male partner, who is lying prone, and lowers herself until she is fully impaled on his penis. Initially she faces his head, and while she dictates the pace of intercourse and depth of penetration as she rises and falls, she can turn herself slowly in a clockwise direction, moving 90 degrees at a time, so that in turn she faces sideways, then towards his feet, then sideways and then towards his head again. An agile woman will be able to manage this 'pirouette' or ‘spin’ using her hands for stability, by making the turn at the top of her upward stroke, keeping the glans of her partner's penis just inside the vaginal vestibule before she descends and envelops him again. Great care must be taken when the female partner is facing her man's feet, because the angle of the penis can cause discomfort or even injury if it is forced too far forward.

The duration of the Corkscrew will largely depend on the desire and stamina of the female partner, but some couples are able to complete several 'pirouettes' before they need to achieve release by orgasm.
Zoe: "Hey Charlotte, is Bill OK ? I heard he was in hospital?"

Charlotte: "No, it's terrible - it was our six monthiversary on Friday so we had dinner at SPQR on Fillmore Street, and then we went back to his place. He wanted a treat and I asked if he'd like a cowgirl corkscrew. I had to tell him what it was, anyway, we'd done one amazing twist around already and when he was facing away from me he reached for his glass and slipped, and fell forward - so his lovely er ... his, shall we say, his ‘sticky weapon’ got bent, and he was in such pain we had to go to the Emergency Room at UCSF. They admitted him because he may have a penile fracture - oh, and his parents keep calling and asking what the problem is ..."

Zoe: "Can't you say he got stung by a hornet or something?"

Charlotte: "How would a hornet get to sting him THERE?"
by Katie4eyes August 08, 2018
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