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1.) An adult male who lacks the simple ability to determine what his urban identity should be. He his often a hipster or emo but drives a pick up truck. He is typically shallow, dresses the part but lacks the communicative skills to exchange banter with other scenesters and skater wannabes. He fails at an obvious attempt to be left wing rebelious and a stereotypical red neck at the same time.

2.) Verb: the act of slapping another person like a horse. Similar to a bitchslap or pimpslap except the victim lets out a verbal expression similar to a horse.
1.) Hey Ashton, see that sucker who just parked his truck and now he's skating? That's a cowboypunk if I ever did see one. What a asshat!

2.) I saw that artsy scenester dude at the coffee shop get cowboypunked by some emo girl! Cowboypunked for fudge cake!!! I thought his teeth were going to fall out. You had to be there.
by Come with the cash Calloway January 29, 2012
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