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A cow slut is a slutty cow, it's normally a cow who tends to wear a skirt so short it looks like a belt. She sleeps with everyman she knows, even her Dad ~(The Bull)~
Just Kidding, a Cow Slut is an amazing persooon who everyone wants to be friends with?? Nah, most people are cow sluts. I know I am and I'm sure as heck you are too! Nomnomnom-with-a-bit-of-omnommonnomom-on-the-side <3 Anyone who knows a cow slut is an 'effing leg-end <3 The end
Girl One: "You're not a cow, so I can't call you a cow"
Girl Two: "Ahem"
Girl One: "I think slut suits you better"
Girl Two: "AHEM!!! I prefer cow :-|"
Girl One: "Okkay...Cow slut"

Neither way, girl Two could win


Guy one- "Woahhh she's fit."
Guy two- "No way dude, she looks like a fucking cow"
Guy one- "More like a slut"
Guy one and two- "Oh-My-Fucking-Allah (See OMFA OMFA ) It's a cow slut!!! <3
by LegallyInLove December 21, 2010
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Cow Slut (kou sluht)

An expired cougar who has to resort to tricks on "crack street" to survive.
That cow slut ruined too many men and now she's on skid row.
by ChasterTX August 09, 2014
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