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1) A person who thinks that the word 'Covfefe' was anything other than a tweet sent by Trump while either:
a) Nodding off halfway through and sleep-tweeting out of pure habit,
b) Steamrolling over phone with his ample buttocks, or
c) Going completely power-crazy and believing he can just make words up and rewrite the rules on sentence content, grammar and syntax structure without Merriam-Webster approval.
2) A person who believes there is some secret meaning to the word, particularly those that behave as though the word was somehow beamed directly into their skulls at the time of its inception, causing them to behave in a particularly smug, irritating and arsehole-ish manner which is unfathomable to rational observers.
He grinned smugly at the thoroughly researched argument, and validated his own with one simple word: 'Covfefe''. He was a total Covfefeflake.
by TamponFairy July 05, 2017
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