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A privately run group home and youth centre for boys and girls age 16 to 20 in Atlanta, Georgia. Many staff are nice but some will stab you in the back. Be careful which staff you trust when you are there.
I stayed at Covenant House Georgia for a while when I was 20 after I had ran away from home. It was decent when I was there. I was amazed that I was the only white kid there. While there I met a nice 18 year old black girl who was also a resident in the group home and we became friends. Sadly, a certain staff member(s) took it upon themselves to have me kicked out without valid reason. This was despite the fact that there was at least one (and possibly more) staff members who wanted me to stay. Shortly after I was kicked out my girl friend was also kicked out, again without valid reason.
by JesusIsLordYouNeedHim March 19, 2010
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