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A wonderful girl who grew up in a small town and is ready to take the world by the throat. She is creative and intellegent and a well rounded person all together. Her heart belongs to only one person, so she's known also as the beauty unable to be captured by most men. With a quick witty tongue she is nothing shy of a "firecracker" Never-the-less a good caring friend and the 'wifey' type. She has the ability to have anything and anyone in the world she may desire. But because she wears her heart on her sleave she declines most offers most of the time. An angel indeed.
Man: Do you know who that is?
Boy: Who?
Man: That's Courtney Shae, isn't she beautiful.
Boy: Yes she is.
Man: Thats only the beginning of all her wonder :)
by catchmeifUcan September 25, 2011
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