The man of many names, Tfood, Fat Ninja, The taco tackler, the girth himself. On the verge of becoming a pro fortnite, apex, sea of thieves player. He is also taller than timthefatman and nickmercs.
Wow Tim and Nick are so short compared to Couragejd.
by DonnieDuck22 February 17, 2019
The best fortnite player in the world who Weighs over a whopping 2 tonnes.
This man is known as many things including, Tfood, Fat cloaksy and this kids literal father.

His wife ( Ariana Grande Dunlop) and him have been together for 9 months around about the time the drum gun was vaulted from fortnite ( coincidence I think not).

Jack otherwise known as fat fuck may be going to the fortnite World Cup as they promised free food at the canteen.
There’s CourageJD with food, what a shocker ya yeet!
by Sam Penrice April 16, 2019