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A student who went to college, and subsequently became brainwashed into being a Liberal, who then went to a different country to "find themselves" .

The country is usually a Socialist or Communist one, like Russia and China. They become so blinded by how cool they think they are for having been over there, and think they are better-more cultured-than anyone else. They refuse to acknowledge anything bad about that country, and only try to point out America's flaws.

They think America is evil and thinks America should be more like Russia, China, etc.

America, despite having flaws, is the greatest country in the world. Without America, most things we have today we wouldn't, but they refuse to accept this.
Person 1: America is horrible, it needs to be more like China.
Person 2: You do realize they find infant girls in garbage dumps all the time there, right? Because girls don't bring "honor"?
Person 1: *ignores it* America is racist!
Person 2: Yep, you're definitely a Country Sucker.
by American Pharoah April 20, 2016
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