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A horrific, tacky, wealthy, alien looking creature with bad taste in music and wardrobe. The Countess Anna L Feestula is so terrifying that her maids tend to uncontrollably queef when she walks by, thus giving her, her name. Five years ago, The Countess Anna L Feestula went all Veruca Salt and decided she wanted a music career like her friend Madonna. She didn't want to risk getting sued for copy right infringement. Madonna's, creative gay men (that do all the work for Madonna) tended to go insane or hang themselves around the Countess. SO, she stole all the B sides off 80's albums. For the most part, there was a reason why they were B sides. Dressed like Terry Bozzio from Missing Persons, her one Elton John Gospel song set to rave, bathhouse, disco music went platinum thanks to Benny, the jets, and a tub of vaseline. She repackaged that song twelve times and resold it. Now, we are stuck with her. Crime is on the rise along with depression. CALL IT A BAD ROMANCE? OR STOP LISTENING!!! To quote the great Sinead O' Connor who went insane after working with the Countess Anna L Feestula.
"Man, Eveerytime I weerked wit ur I wanted to SHITE OUT MY COONT!!!"
Boy George: I got this new album by the Countess Anna L. Feestula. Everyone told me it was wonderful, but since picking the album up I'm binge drinking, my dog hung himself, and my boyfriend Ti Tup anally impaled himself on our bed post.
Sinead O' Connor: Shee Cun Fool Da Whole Wurld, But She Cunt Fool Herself Boy. I wurked with da Countess Anna L Feestula und Eveerytime I weerked wit ur I wanted to SHITE OUT MY COONT!!! Pogue Mahone wit her Blarney.
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by HearMyName June 16, 2018
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