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A Counter-Strike fag is a person who plays counter-strike and feels he/she is the best f***in person in the world. These people have no life and spend days playing this game to reach perfection and laugh at inexperienced players called noobs. They also tend to use leet speak which is words using random numbers and letters and is f***ing annoying to read. Counter-Strike fags range from ages 9-20 with anybody over 18 still living with their mom.
<cs fag1>
"Look guys my record is 100/2, I R TEh greaterest cs player in teh world har har har!"
<dod player>
"...thats great."
<cs fag>
*gets killed* "j00 used a n00b gun you n00b! Thats why you killed me!"
*sigh* "No its because I have skill and I don't whine constantly about how well I'm doing. It's just game, nothing to get a boner about."
by technic March 10, 2005
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