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Count steek is a meme that originated from a french person saying 'count' instead of 'cunt' and 'steek' instead of 'steak'.

You may also say different variations of the expression to insult others, like: Steeky count , Steekiest

Another fun way of using this is to randomly insult others or simply just shout 'count steek' to confuse others

This is also used to annoy the person who originally mispronounced these words, he is such a count.
Count steek is a funny replacement for any insult

person: 'You're a fucking count'

person: 'Shut up you steek'

person: Look at that steeky count

person: 'We have steeks at the cafeteria ! '

person: You're the steekiest person on the planet
by Countsteek June 21, 2018
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