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The real Mackula is a true player with MAD GAME he never hits on chicks because he is too busy doing his thing being productive. Girls chase Mackula but he is always respectful and considerate. He is often hated on by wanna be fake mackulas who don't under stand the rules of the game and try to make themselves look good by trying to tear others down. Mackula is impervious to these atempts and swiftly disregards any malicious retoric. Mackula rarely goes to clubs but can often found on stage putting it down with taste and style.
Count Mackula would most likey be someone like Tom Curren, Albert Einstien, Christopher Walken, Charles Mingus, Sun Tzu
by Fivestring May 21, 2008
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The guy in the club who thinks he is the shit and tries to hit on everything with a pulse and/or a vagina.
Count Mackula has hit on every girl in here twice.
by Varnell August 07, 2006
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