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The religion founded at Steak n' Shake by the Prophet Andrew in Louisville Kentucky on the 24th day of March of 2010 (aka Early Release Day for Oldham County Schools). Bystanding co-founders included Chelsea Shields and Katelyn Dobson. It was a glorious day to be had by all. Plans to spread this movement of faith will be planned out by next year in April. However, there is a stark force opposed to this religion, by the name of Nathan Glancy, who stands against all good of the Cottagarian faith and everything it represents, claiming Cottagarian to "not be a real word". It has been hereby declared that every 24th of March shall be Cottagarian Day, declared by the First Latter Day Church of Cottagarian.
"Dude. Have you heard of the new religion Cottagarian? I've converted!"
by KateLovesChelsea March 24, 2010
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