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A humorous activity involving diapers and unwilling participants. Acquire a diaper bulging with poo, preferable one a child has used multiple times before changing. Activate some glow sticks (multicolor if adventurous) and crack them open, dumping their luminous contents into the previously discussed shit sack. Make sure to mix it nicely. Now go to any social event that is poorly lit, (dance club, preschool naptime, religious ceremony, hardcore mosh pit) and fling your lambent, liquid baby poo-filled pouch in a windmill like motion. The resulting spatters take on the appearance of the nighttime cosmos.
Sam: Those guys at the church were such dicks for saying my brother couldn't stay at the lock-in because he's gay.

Jason: Don't worry about them bro. After you left I went back there and unleashed a cosmic diaper all over their LAN party.
by PunkRoctorok October 22, 2011
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