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The fear of Bill Cosby. Over the years, Cosby has been a beloved character, mostly known from, "The Cosby Show". But over the years, are beloved hero has faded into something that children dread as they look into there cracked closet doors in the middle of the night. His skin, now wrinkled and pruned, resembles the childhood monster ET. His eyes now take the form of a chameleon's, both going off into each direction. brown spots now cover his face like a gingers freckles. Its a sad sight to see, and in some cases, even frightening. Thus, bringing us to Cosbybillphobia. children, stay indoors.
"what would you do if Bill Cosby did a sacred african tribal dance and sacrafised a lamb over your sleeping body" asked Sabrina.

"probably cry and punch him in the face" replied Serena.

"what would you do if you turned over in your bed to see Bill Cosby staring at you, tongue slightly sticking out of his chapped lips, eyes wide open, never blinking, not once. he began to speak gibberish as he started to seizure, you couldn't make it out in time alive." asked Sabrina.
"stop i have cosbybillphobia!" exclaimed Serena.
by sabrinadanielle742 February 10, 2012
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