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Cory Stearns is probably the best human species ever created. Here are a few reasons why. His look are unique, including a lil soul patch and beatiful adorable teeth that are so great that one could just pull them out and wear them as a necklace. His is skinny, but trying to bulk up for his girl, even though he dont have to. Cory's hair has been many lengths, but it is best when its a few inches shorter than semi pictures. his eyes are a foresty green, like the coldplay song. he is the best drummer in the school district and has a band with metalcore music. his passion for his woman and music is beyond this planet.. his humor is refreshingly witty and although his girlfriend is funnier, he can make her smile any day. his wardrobe is skaterish, but recently has turned more contemporary. cory has a big heart, which i think is the most important thing of all. he has tons of patience, and always is calm, if he isnt freaking out about thinking that his girlfriend is mad at him, which she could never be mad at him. this kid has potential. i know he'll make it. look out world <3 here comes the little drummer boy!
I love Cory Stearns will all my heart.
by srtnsrtns January 17, 2011
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