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(Born|August 1,1992)is a English/Irish and Portuguese,fat ass man who loves video games,Japanese anime action figures,j-pop and danny phantom,his favorite video games series are Castlevania,Kirby,Mega man and x series,Bomberman,Sonic the hedgehog,Twinbee,Goemon,Ghost n' Goblins,Tales of,capcom and konami video games.,he's has Autism and has a gay brother name blaise(witch he's 2 years younger than him,and has obsessive compulsive and in love with mario and Drew pickles the gayest man,and also the gayest boy),Cory also loves bloody and ultra violence animes,and cory wants to win the lottery to get out of his shitty ass life.
Hello my name is Cory Comstock and i'm fat,soooooo fucking FAT!!
by CoryWorld1992 September 03, 2010
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