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Small town, located in central Michigan, with many rednecks... a place that I love to call home!
I have always lived in Corunna.
by Perez22 July 26, 2008
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A small, rural town in the middle of Michigan. Was once a bedroom community for Flint, but when Flint went to shit things got kinda boring. There is nothing fun to do other than be a farmer or listen to farmers talk about being farmers. There's a river that runs through Corunna but the dam is broken and useless and the water is contaminated with something (nobody quite knows what). Everybody knows everybody else because everybody who went to Corunna's high school made their kids go to Corunna high school. At least our sports teams are okay.
"So, what is the most fun thing to do in Corunna?"
"Leave Corunna."
by BeenMachine March 22, 2017
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