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Founded in London. The word is an acronym and stands for "chaotic organized rich of qualities". People may think that doesn't make sense, but that's what it is. It's used in an non offensive way often with friends. You use that word if someone does something totally annoying oder stupid but it makes kind of sense if you think about it. Also used for people with special habits like being to tidy so that it's often to annoying, also to organized or to disorganized.

You actually like that person but in that special case he/she is so annoying or drives you crazy but you don't want to use bad words so you use corq.
Corq can be used in many occasions it always fits.
There is also

"corq sake"
1. Dude: Why does it take so long for Paul to park his car?!
2. Dude: You know he wants that his car stands in the perfect way that everyone can get into it later.
1. Dude: Yeah but we getting late for the club and later the spaces will be free around him anyway!!
2. Dude: You know Paul he's is just an organised corq.
1. Dude: Yeah but we love him with his corqish ways.
by Nivram-Leahcim October 12, 2015
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