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Corporate Metalhead (CMH) is a honorary designation awarded by a Metalhead to an exceptional well-mannered Corporate or public figure who shares Metalhead values and fights the unwarranted negative stereotypes commonly associated with Metalhead culture. Beneath the professional and conservative appearance is a true Metalhead personality, faithfully following the progression of today's Metal and loyal to those of yesterday.

Corporate Metalheads are a sub-culture of Metalheads typically possessing a mix of liberal and conservative tendencies. CMH's are rarely found on the frontlines of Metalhead culture. They are living the American Dream, financially responsible, family-oriented and enjoy a variety of music - but their true passion is that of Metal.

CMH's are aware that Metalheads fall victim to a culturally ignorant society and to maintain their good impression will admit their passion for Metal when an inquiry is made, or following a conservative first impression. CMH’s are by no means embarrassed by their Metalhead counterparts; it is in fact a strategy employed to fight stereotypes. Another reason why a CMH will disclose their love for Metal is if they are provoked. See Example 1

A CMH is often part of a Metalhead circle - you can easily spot one at a party by looking for a neat, almost fussy looking individual, nodding their head to All That Remains and singing the words only a true Metalhead would know!
Example 1

As any Metalhead knows and has experienced, there is always that ONE person that just has to go there and say something stupid like, "I think my son worships the Devil. He's obsessed with this awful kind of evil music! How could anyone like a song where all they do is scream and you can't understand a word they're saying!"

A true Corporate Metalhead will spring to action and will explain in the most professional manner that Metal is commonly misunderstood, and if one would take the time to study the music (as most Metalheads take pride in doing) - you will find the lyrics aren't that dark, often have implied meaning and the music is quite complex! To a CMH, it just sounds like the kid has an affinity for Metal and may recommend the parent consider getting the kid some guitar / drum / vocal lessons so both parties benefit.

If you're a professional like me, who just loves the opportunity to talk about Metal try putting this on your personal business card:

Jonathan Smith, CMH

That will get them asking!
by Vive les Metalheads, CMH January 16, 2010
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