A temporary form of amnesia where a corporate employee retains no knowledge of previous conversations (particularly when involving benefits to underlings).

Most often seeing in managerial types, or those working in a corporate environment for a very long time.
Example #1:

Bob: "Remember in the meeting last week when my boss said I would be in charge of that new project? Well, I noticed Carl working on it, and when I spoke to my boss, she denied ever speaking to me about it."

Jane: "See-- it's that corporate dementia kicking in again."

Example #2:

Rick: "Dude, my boss just told me the exact same thing he said an hour ago-- must be that corporate dementia."
by Stephanie Tool March 13, 2008
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A serious cognitive disorder exhibited by large corporations with incapable leadership, and lacking a coherent strategy.

It is normally required to be present for at least 6 months to be diagnosed; cognitive dysfunction which has been seen only over shorter times, particularly less than weeks, must be termed Corporate Delirium.

Symptoms of Corporate Dementia can be classified as either reversible or irreversible, depending upon the cause of the disease.

Daycare centers offer supervision, recreation, meals, and limited health care to afflicted board members, as well as providing respite for employees.
The conduct of British Telecom following the revelation of the Phorm mass surveillance scandal could be diagnosed as 'Corporate Dementia'.
by Ian Livingston September 25, 2009
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