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An abhorrent individual who panders to every single desire of a corporation, or multiple corporations. The corporate cunt is most typically seen slaving away gleefully under the employment of said corporation(s); Merrily dancing the capitalist dance whilst their paymaster dictates their every move, like a pathetic little puppet. They derive great joy from their puppetry, much to the disgust of the non/less-delusional folks, who are all too aware of their depressing, degrading, soul-sapping plight as corporate puppets, and have the misfortune of coming into contact with them. As a result of this joyful stimulation, the corporate cunt dedicates their life to advancing their puppetry status in the form of 'promotions', and can therefore usually be found in - or working towards - management positions within the corporation.

The corporate cunt can be seen in many forms, although usually the individual can be seen prancing around in a boring suit, or perhaps a cheap, pitiful looking uniform if they are lower down the 'career ladder'. They can be either male or female, and of any race. Originality is frowned upon, and therefore their personal grooming styles are very much 'middle of the road', to an eye-gougingly mundane extent.

Devoid of charisma, compassion, and decency, the corporate cunt plays everything 'by the book,' for they have been brainwashed extensively in order to perform their role as effectively as possible.
Man 1: "Fucksake man, I was three minutes late 'cause of the traffic and Paul's gone and given me a written warning!"

Man 2: "What a joke! I tell ya - that guy is an A-grade Corporate Cunt if ever I saw one; Fucking jobsworth - He lives and breaths his job. I despise him, with every single facet of my being"

Man 1: "Spot-on my friend, spot-on - he's doesn't realise that he's just another drone, rearranging the deck-chairs on the sinking ship of life"
by Bob Clancey September 23, 2013
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A football fan who who becomes sucked into the evil, corporate sponsored side of the game. Typical symptoms of a corporate cunt include:
- sitting in the posh seats
- going to pre-match 'hospitality'
- forgetting how to sing, chant and hurl abuse
- eating prawn sandwiches during the game
- being more interested in the bar than the game
"He used to be a proper fan. Since he changed jobs though he's become a right corporate cunt"
by Scroogey August 30, 2006
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