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When someone is talking too much or they are talking nonsense, they should be told to "corkit". Sometimes people need to be corked non-stop. Also sometimes there is a corkage fee because corks can be in high demand. Charge away, because corking is necessary for some so others can go on with their business. Corkin' ain't easy but is very necessary.
This one time my friend thought I was talking too much shit so he sent a cork flying at me and said "corkit". I got the picture.
Another time my husband kept talking shit. It was like so much shit. I said to him "Yeah, yeah, just corkit!" He also got the picture.
by CreCre July 24, 2013
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To shove an obect in a persons orfus to keep them from, talking, farting, shitting, pissing, etc.
-I was on the freeway when I really had to piss, I had to cork it.
-You run your damn mouth all the time, cork it!
by Chad December 11, 2004
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A hip greeting developed at the University of Maine similar to a fist bump. The difference is that after contact, you spin your fist as though you are popping the cork off of a wine bottle. Make sure to say 'cork it!'.

Source: Zac @UMaine
Man 1: Yo, sweet fleece bro.
Man 2: Hey thanks man.
Man 1: Cork It!
Both men proceed to cork it.
via giphy
by Swixerman January 31, 2018
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