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An ancient, but modernly practiced, sex act first discovered by the Corinthians who were part of a large city-state, such as Sparta. Except they were a not "war-lovers" but were Greek "ass-lovers". The Corinthian Fountain occurs after a serious anal ass pounding the recipient forces out a massive load of liquid shit and semen. The goal of the Corinthian Fountain is to spray the load as high as possible into the air before it splashes down again on the exterior of the buttocks. The higher the spray, the more gratification received.
Gary invited Donna to his dorm room to study for their Greek history test but instead wound up pounding her anal orifice for over an hour. She later blew a three foot Corinthian Fountain all over her ass. Gary was extremely satisfied.
by Ben Dribblin June 08, 2009
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