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"Those jobs that would afford one to live a middle class life in the United States."
Core Jobs is a term coined by Jay Anderson, longtime financial leader in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and the current President and CEO of Pittsfield Cooperative Bank. Anderson has used the term countless times in discussions in the community, in his role as chairman of the Pittsfield Economic Revitalization Corporation and during appearances on media programs, such as Good Morning Pittsfield on WTBR-FM and Pittsfield Community Television. Further context for this description comes as the number of jobs available in the current economy, while providing income for employees, do not offer enough pay and/or benefits to allow an employee to provide for a respectable quality of life. For example, as large retail big box stores continue to expand further and dominate local markets, they have become large employers in the regions in which they are located. However, these retailers (such as Walmart) have been criticized for paying low wages as a part of a profit-enhancing strategy. Jobs in the service sector, including retail, hospitality, and tourism have been often criticized also as the kind of jobs that do not fit the "core job" description.
by MontanaJays January 24, 2012
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