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1. In most cases a prudish virgin woman who copies/mimics slutty attire and says she doesnt dress like a whore.

2. Copywhores dress slutty but dont like being told that they are. they tend to show off more skin and/or cleavage then average but they dont like the attention they get from it. They try to sugarcoat their way of dressing by calling it "trying to look good," but they dont realize that they are dressing like something they are not to try to be and feel sexy, and that is a whore.

Copywhore: Stop looking down my shirt! I dont appreciate it pervert!

boy: gee its kinda hard considering your tits look like they're about to pop out of your shirt.


Copywhore: Does this low cut shirt make my chest look big?

Slutty friend: No but that mini skirt is showing your ass cheeks.
by tiredofvirginsluts June 10, 2009
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