Similar to games such as The Game, Copy/Paste is a game to be had at random times with friends and such.

What happens is one person may say something, and another may say "copy" to copy a certain length of sentence from the other person. The person must make eye contact or point at designated target to copy from that person. The victim may then be 'pasted' on which the person who copied would look at that person by pointing or eye contact, and say "paste". The victim would then have to repeat that length of sentence on request of the copier.

However, some rules still apply.

-A person may only have one copy per person.
-If a person says "cut" intentionally at the end of their sentence, no other person may "copy" that persons sentence.
-If a victim cannot remember their copy, the copier must re-inform them of what it was. This cannot be copied.

Have fun.
~An Example of the Copy/Paste (Mind Game) In action~

*Person 1 shows a picture of the 'Challenge Accepted' Meme to Person 2.*
Person 2: "Challenge Accepted!"
Person 1: *Points at Person 2* "Copy!"
Person 1: "Watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with me, Paste"
Person 2: "Challenge Accepted..."
by Some person who is bored October 18, 2011
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