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definition: with movie trailer voice someone who defies cool. someone who is above celebrity. someone who makes angelina jolie look like a platypus. someone who is clearly faster, smarter, & better than everyone else. someone who knows that they are faster, smarter, & better than everyone else b/c they're cool enough to realize how cool they are... See More. coolness is defined by them. when they fart, cool gas comes out. when they run, cool sparkles are left in their path. their underwear is often stolen and sold for thousands on e-bay. they sell their toe nail clippings on craigslist in order to pay their mortgage. actually they're so cool their mortgage pays itself. its not easy to be a cool-ebrity, of course. you. are. a cool-ebrity.
"Courtney you really are a cool-ebrity, in every way."
by dj possesed May 12, 2010
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