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The common mid-western "Cool Fag" is typically of an over confident and overly self assured type of person, also a dick. This person typically hangs around public areas for instance, shopping malls, public pools, public parks, fast food restaurants, and gas stations. By which this "Cool Fag" usually exhibits the common behavioral patterns of a "Bro" while exhibiting almost HALF the intelligence and social coherence of one. As such this "Cool Fag" usually does socially outward things or obviously "against the crowd" things like splashing water in a pool in order to annoy other people who are doing nothing wrong, and then simply smirks at them as if he knows something they don't. This of course makes a body wonder, "Why the hell is he trying to gain so much of the WRONG kind of attention?" well most "Cool Fags" are under the impression that being a complete and total disruptive asshole to everyone who's smaller, fatter, or older than him will gain him some obviously much needed attention from the ladies. Which, including situation and present climate of our modern society, usually DOES in some respects however in a half assed and much more "Oh look at the donkey braying and kicking" fashion. The "Cool Fag" is just a simple burn out of a person and only acts out to gain attention he will never understand or receive properly. Eventually he will mature out of this stage of his life and move on to "Mature Fag".
Eric was being such a Cool Fag that his mother and father left him alone in the walmart until he realized that the store was closing and that his parents had utterly abandoned him.

The guy from 108 was being a real cool fag in the laundry room last night! I told him to shut the hell up and he immediately left the room without his laundry!
by Dr. Weird D.P.A. August 13, 2011
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