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When one sticks both thumbs up on either side of their face, about a foot away from the ears, awkwardly smiling and saying the words, "cool deal". A lifestyle for some, many have taken it to define the highest state of quality for an action or event.
I was going to the park," Thomas said, "But I decided it would be cooler to hang out with you instead." Andrew raised both thumbs up to his face and smiled awkwardly. "Cool deal!
by ThisIsntAwkward June 20, 2011
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A member of the "Do what" and "Do what, now?" family, cool deal is often chronically exploited as a filler word. Beware of "cool deal" if adopted by you superiors as it can be highly infectious.
"I just finished my presentation to management"

"Cool deal!"
by CoolDeal April 17, 2006
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