The act of using a heat source (a lighter) to cause drugs to dissolve into water for intravenous drug users. Can also pertain to manufacturing of crack cocaine or crystal meth through necessity of a heat source. Do NOT try that at home, or anywhere else. Drugs are bad but intravenous use is RETARDED.
Yo man, you seen J recently?

Nah, last time I saw him he was cooking up dope in the ally at 54th and Crenshaw... He prolly dead.

Yo? What are you doin this weekend?

Got some fiends gettin paid, so I'll be cookin up dope.
by The dopist April 14, 2018
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making some of that dank kush
Steve: i wanna hit some of that erb
Pete: lets cook up some dope
Steve: with what?
(Stephanie walks in)
Stephanie: obviously the Uzi, Pete start cooking up dope ffs
Steve: damn Pete you got a thicc bitch she a thot thot thot
Pete: nah she isn't actually hot, take the mask off... wait mask on.. fuck it mask off
by boujeethot April 4, 2017
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