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A "cookie cutter girl" is like "basic white girl", except that it applies to all races and ethnicities (it is a broader term). A cookie cutter is your standard plain, ordinary girl: flat, straight hair (usually), Starbucks, iPhone, UGG boots, Instagram, constantly snapchatting, "messy hair don't care", "slay", "I woke up like this", chocos, Netflix, etc.

They follow whatever is "it" and "fashionable" at the moment, whether they like it or not. If they say they like reading, that usually means they have only read Nicholas Sparks books, Pretty Little Liars, and the Fault in Our Stars. They may or may not be slutty.

They are called cookie cutters because since they're all the same: they might as well have been cut by a cookie cutter.

Despite being plain and ordinary, they are usually the mist popular among their peers and highly sought after among boys.
Cookie Cutter Girl:
Teacher: We're missing three girls on roll. Anyone know where they are?
Justin: Heather, Harlie, and Courtney just checked out. I heard them say they're going to Starbucks and to get new phone cases.

Gwen: Ugh, such cookie cutters.
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by Tazrider December 15, 2016
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