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A Cookie Cutter Man by Definition is usually a Man/Boy raised to put women on a Pedestal and worship the ground she walks on. And will soon learn that behavior will get him no where with women. He is the type of guy that goes on 3 or 4 dates with women and don't make his intentions clear. Which often leads to him not getting any play and putting himself in the friend zone. Women don't respect him because he has no spine or sense of self worth. The Cookie Cutter man is a word founded Steve The Dean by Owner of Which is a dating company formed to help young beta males become more Alpha.

The Cookie Cutter Dude is a Man that's dosent get the signals that women give him when they are interested. Because he is such a Cookie Cutter Dude
Cookie Cutter Dude That Dude just let her walk past without saying anything. He is such a cookie cutter dude
by Cookie Cutter Man March 28, 2017
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