Cook Burgers is a ROBLOX game developed by Sssqd.
In Cook Burgers, you can cook burgers, as the name suggests.
What the fuck did you think i was gonna put here?
Oh, you can also deep-fry rats and then freeze them.
Player 1: dude what the fuck is cook burgers
Player 2: a game where you cook burgers?
Player 1: well at least its not cook sandwiches
Player 2: that game is ancient!
by ROBLOX!! April 12, 2022
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When a guy or gal with an invention that gives you mind powers holds you over various deadly objects, such as fryers, stoves, and bottomless void trashcans.
Ugh! This guy wont stop doing Cook burgers torture to me! Just leave me alone!
by The Xer of the Phres March 28, 2021
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