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The Biggest Baddest Instrument in the Marching band!
often misnamed as a Contrabass Tuba, it can be called contrabass, tuba, Contra (the most common name), or HOLY MOFOing monstrosity (normally the first reaction when you see it for the first time

Can wiegh between 35 to 85 pounds, hard to march with (since they block 50% of periferal view), super expencsive, and the people that play it are the coolest, toughest, badass people out there, Contra Players should always be treaten with respet, and always allowed to sit in the back of the bus, be last in the line, or the last in anything (it just how they roll)
"What that giant entanglement of metal being carred on that guys shoulder"
"Thats a contrabass Bugle, friend, the best thing in this band"
by two=ba June 12, 2009
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