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Noun | Con·tem·pla·tion·ship | kon-tem-play-shun-ship |

· Contemplation upon getting into or possible retaining a Relationship
· An act of Starting or keeping interaction relations with another individual WITHOUT an official title or relationship

Or simple Put keeping a bunch of female/male Smash buddies (having a bunch of hoes to smash)
Finessing multiple different females/male to keep them around without making them
we could mess around, I'm not in an actual relationship, but a Contemplationship, i'm not sure if wanna be together with her yet .

This Contemplationship is killing me, I swear i he's always cheating on me, why wont he just make me his girlfriend

Forget my girlfriend bro, i'm in a Contemplationship with my side chick, thats my smash girl there
by Elfresh September 09, 2016
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