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A "Consulation Guest" is someone who is invited to an event, party, concert, etc, but only after the "First Choice Guest" is a no show and, at the last minute, your buddy needs someone to go with them. Basically, you are a second choice...or third...chopped liver...filler...

You will get the "Consulation Guest" offer, most often, the day of the event.

In a backward sort of way, being asked as a Consulation Guest, is a complement. You are asked because you are not a flake, are spontaneous, have decent manners, and versatile wardrobe. Oh, and a reliable car and gas money, because, as Consulation Guest, they expect you to drive..."after all, they invited you!".
Friend: "Hey Becky, wanna go the the (insert name of event here) with me? Jason was going, but he flaked out on me. Oh, and it's tonight."

You: "Dude, I am insultated you're asking me as the Consulation Guest, but I always wanted to see (insert name of superstar here). Sure, I'll go. I suppose I'm driving?"
by MsRat3 December 01, 2013
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