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The city which connects europe to asia (since europe is smaller) which is under control of the Turkish Republic(It is named Istanbul now, not Constantinople) It has the Golden horn and the Bosphorus. It has been conquered in the 1453 by the Turks by superior tactics (read how before you rage) unlike the "popular" belief the Turkish government does NOT oppress the local churches or likewise because the government has no religion which in anyway will have(The Turkish Republic is not an Islamic government. The leaders do not matter!). The Orthodox church is still present in Istanbul. It is a very cultural city in every way because it simply has every culture in it. The Hagia Sophia is still present and is currently a museum (not a mosque). Istanbul is currently is the 3. largest city in the world with a population of 13+ million people (Whole Greece with 11+ million people and the whole turkey with about 73 million people). To sum up Istanbul was the European cultural capital of 2010, and European capital of sports for 2012. It is in the UNESCO world heritage list since 1985. (This also includes the churches and everything inside it.)
Constantin: Damn oppressive turks, ruining our Hagia Sophia and our churches in Constantinople (Istanbul)

Ali: No we aren't why would you think that?

Constantin: Because you do!

Ali: Have you ever been to Istanbul before?

Constantin: No...

Ali: Well you should before you start talking about somewhere you haven't been to before... Wiki doesn't work sometimes eh?
by EverydayRegularNormalGuy April 07, 2011
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