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Conshohocken PA, known as “Conshy” by it’s habitants is a borough on the Schuylkill River in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, in suburban Philadelphia. The name Conshocken traces back to the native language of the Lenape tribe and translates to Pleasant Valley or Old Dirty Rotten Gray-Tooth.

It is documented that an Indian Warrior by the name of “StrongTooth” roamed the land promoting tooth health to the surrounding tribes and even the White Man. StrongTooth became furious when he had discovered his brother, “DragonMouth”, brushing his teeth with a brush made from the pubes of his very own wife, “SchukylkillBush”.

Story has it that “StrongTooth” in a fit of utter rage scalped his wife’s vagina and rubbed the scalped bit (also see hatchet mark) across “DragonMouth’s” teeth leaving a mysterious gray, rotten tooth. It is believed that this cursed the land and it’s tooth health forever. At the time this was written 963 out of 963 residents of Conshy interviewed had a prominent Gray toothed smile.
She was absolutely perfect. Made in heaven...she had long blond hair, a petite figure and a Conshy Tooth to boot. It was love at first dirty rotten gray smile.
by StrongTooth May 20, 2011
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